Christmas Conspiracy

So, we were in one our Sanctuary Church gatherings a few weeks ago and we started to brainstorm on who we could bless as a church and how we could best maximize the small amount of funds that we have coming in.  The usual suspects were mentioned: homeless ministries, adopt-a-families, mission agencies, etc.  But then someone came up with a crazy idea and the light bulb went off: instead of throwing money at people that we didn’t know and we would never meet again, let’s bless people that are already in our lives.  So, the church would give each person $50 and we would all ask the Holy Spirit to lead us during that week to a person/people that needed God’s help. I have to say that in all my years in ministry/church, I have never actually received money from the church (other than salary, etc).  So, needless to say, we were all very excited about this radical idea and couldn’t wait to see who God led us to that week.  Here are a few of the stories of how God used us:

*One couple could not figure out who to bless and decided to hold on to their $100 until they heard God speak.  So, as they were heading to our house for the Sanctuary gathering, they began to think they missed their opportunity and then they saw their neighbor struggling to change her tire.  This neighbor and her family have been facing tremendous health and financial difficulties recently and a flat tire was not something that they could afford.  As the husband changed the tire, he handed the neighbor $100 and blessed her…needless to say, this was perfect timing!

*One guy was led everyday to go the local gas station and just help people out.  Since we live near a military base, he was able to buy a lot of soldiers breakfast and make their lives a little easier this holiday season.

*One thrifty couple found some tremendous deals at JC Penny and were able to pool their money and get $500 worth of gloves/blankets for $100.  They are giving these to the homeless in their area.

*One person works in a call center and has 14 people on his team.  He just wanted to bless them and got them each a $5 gift card to Starbucks…he was very popular that day!

*Other people sent anonymous gifts to people they knew knew were in need, helping out friends and families that are struggling this Christmas and some other really cool stuff.

I am so grateful that God has blessed each one of us and Sanctuary Church so greatly this year and we are humbled that He gave us the opportunity to give back to our friends and neighbors…it is truly awesome!


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