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Have we become this bored with Jesus???

I saw this on Bob Hyatt’s blog and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Have we seriously lost sight of the mission of Jesus so much that we resort to doing the “Holy Ghost hokey pokey” to entertain people?  This stuff makes me want to cry (and not in the good way).



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Mail Order Anointing

Sweet!  Now you can order the “garment of praise” online and have IMMEDIATE anointing!!  According to this website, you can order their special mantles and have immediate revelations from God for $200 or less!  Here is how they describe the wonder cloaks:

“The garment is made of many square “windows”.  Especially during the time before and during Purim, the Spirit of God desires to open up the “windows of Heaven” (revelation) and pour into the WINDOW of our Spirit.  This garment has multi-faceted color and light as the Revelation of the Lord is multi-dimensional.”



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