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Rhythms of Sanctuary Church

We had an incredible time together Sunday night brainstorming as a church and dreaming of how we could demonstrate that OUR GOD REIGNS to our community.  Here’s the list in progress:

*Accountability-keep each other accountable to live ‘missional lives’ and to be the type of ‘trailer’ that makes people want more of God. Substantial time is spent with each other for the purpose of watching over one another in love.

*Unity-being in one mind and one accord…this doesn’t mean that we won’t have disagreements but that we are all moving towards and striving towards what’s important—announcing that our God reigns!

*Generosity-Blessing (In and Out)-Serving Together- demonstrating the reign of God to our friends/neighbors/co-workers and each other by what we do.  Giving sacrificially of our time and resources, individually and as a group.  We will seek to share our time, talent, and treasure with others. Generosity will flow out of the grace God has given us. We are to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share. We will be an authentic community who shares one another’s burdens with a battle cry that “no one stands alone.”

*Worship-living in such a way that every step, breath, word and action is worship to the Lord while also entering into a sacred atmosphere when we come together as a church.

*Fun-in public/parties- Backyard BBQ’s, gathering at the local watering hole, inviting friends to our home for food and fun. These are just a few examples of what it means to party. We choose to celebrate and enjoy life with people inside and outside our community. This is what Jesus did. A good party is like a little drop of heaven on earth and is a way of life for the follower of Christ.

*Financial/General Support for those in need (in/out)- we want to always be free to give to those in need as a body and not be hindered by overhead that would prohibit that

*Prayer (silence/contemplative)- We will be a people of constant conversation and communion with God. As we live our lives, we will pray without ceasing according to God’s will. We will thank God, worship God, be honest to God, confess our sins to God, listen to God, and always seek opportunities to pray for others.

*Respect– The arm of God is big enough to wrap around the whole world. The least we can do is wrap our arms around our neighbor, the people we come across in our daily lives. We will not play favorites based on social status but view all people as equally valuable under an almighty God. Our community is one where people can belong before they believe and find grace overflowing. All are welcome to the table.

*Trials-we know and expect that we will go through trials but during those trials, we will support one another and hold each other up

What do you think??


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